NewGrounds Solutions Inc (NGS) provides consulting services, outsourcing, training, software, and technology solutions to companies for business processes and quality management.

We help our customers achieve significant savings while maintaining quality and improving delivery expectations and customer satisfaction. We help our customers focus on its revenue generating activities while reducing cost and implementing innovative solutions. We help our customers define their technology requirements and provide cost effective solutions.

    We help in problem solving and optimize processes.
    We help reduce cost, improve quality and customer satisfaction
    We provide technology solutions,
    We provide value added services.

We have over a century of synergized years of experience gained only from multi-national corporate environment where:

    Harvard Tools Are Applied
    Automotive Industry Quality Expectations Are Met
    Japanese Manufacturing Discipline Are Followed
    Silicon Valley Technologies Are Used

We want to share these best practices and innovative tools and offer it as a service so our potential clients can benefit from it.

Our team are composed mostly of professionals with specialized skills and qualifications in Customer and Quality Management, Consulting, Outsourcing, Technology Solutions, Six Sigma And Information Technology (IT). We are adept with emerging technologies and solutions. We understand the demands and expectations of competitive customers.